In a vase on Monday: Roses are red



A rather bedraggled and rain-sodden vase on Monday, but it is the end of November and to be honest I’m happy to accept whatever crumbs of comfort our new old cottage garden is willing to yield.

This beautiful but unnamed rose is gracing the arbour which is rapidly being engulfed by honeysuckle, ivy and Clematis viticella. I took my secateurs and pruning saw when I went to the cottage this morning but they remained unused. At least I had no leaves to sweep up today. Apparently it has been so blustery that the Turkey Oak leaves have bypassed our garden which is good news especially when I contemplate the 30 odd sacks of Liriodendron Tulipifera leaves stuffed behind the shed and summer house.

We are slowly getting to grips with the essential work needed to make the cottage habitable. You may know that I suffered a complete meltdown at the scale of the job facing us. Fortunately we now have our very good friends, who love a challenge, helping us and I can’t tell you the difference that has made to the way I feel about the cottage, so much so that I measured up for curtains and blinds today and even designated one room as a potential sewing room. But I’m getting ahead of myself as usual. First things first and that means a new boiler and restoring the electricity supply to the oldest part of the cottage. We are on our way – phew!

I’m joining in with Cathy with my Monday vase. Shall we go over to Rambling in the garden to see what Cathy and others have found to put In a vase on Monday?

9 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Roses are red

  1. So pretty. I’m amazed that you still have roses blooming now! Ours have been dried up for a couple of weeks. There have been years when it stayed warm enough to have blooms into late November, though, and that feels like a nice treat when it happens. It sounds like you’re making good progress with the cabin, which is very encouraging. I wish you lots of luck with the rest of the renovations. I hope you have a good week.


  2. What a beautiful rose – and at the end of November too like you said. We are definitely blessed. Good to see you are feeling more positive about the cottage now – despite the 30 sacks of leaves!! I am sure the garden will yield lots more treasures in months to come…


  3. Ah, roses in late November are certainly a great sign of the cottage’s promise. I’m glad that you’re seeing the purchase in a more positive light.


  4. Beautiful roses. I’m so pleased you’re feeling positive about your renovation project. One step at a time (but fast-forwarding to a fully functioning sewing room in your mind helps to keep you going!). X


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