In a vase on Monday: A to Z

imageIt has been such a wonderful growing year I had to join in today with Cathy and post my Monday vase which is full of yesterday’s pickings from the allotment.

Starting with A for Acidanthera, I can’t believe that this sweetly scented bulb is still flowering from a planting made last year. And now I’ve learnt to seal the ends in boiling water they last in a vase for a week.

I thought I would give Cosmos a rest this year but one plant popped up in my wildflower patch and here she is. I will sow cosmos again next year as I’ve missed the late summer forest of pink and white on the plot.

However, abundant pink and white flowers have not been completely absent thanks to perfectly pink Dahlia ‘Onesta’ and a direct sowing of Z for Zinnia ‘Green Envy’, which is white with a green rim, although they’ve also disconcertingly appeared in most other colours of the rainbow which has been fun to watch.  Next year I will sow a packet of true multicoloured seeds as I think Zinnia looks better in colour. Last year’s Pink anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’ is also re-flowering (having been swamped by calendula for most of the year), but she is on very short stems so didn’t make the cut.

The fennel was sown for the kitchen but I love everything about the flowers: the colour, the form and especially their aniseed scent.

In other news, the white nerines I planted last spring are flowering. For a decade or more I had a stand of bubble gum pink nerines growing tight against the house wall. They were beautiful but a few years ago, not sure why, they languished and died. The new nerines are at the front of a new planting area made after taking out an enormous laurel this March. Magnolia stellata  looks healthy and happy after a couple of years growing in a pot, Clematis Etoile Violette flowered her purple socks off from June to September and Geranium Rozanne is still flowering. I try not to look too far ahead but I am excited about seeing the new spring bulbs return here. I have tulip Angelique and Narcissus ‘Sailboat’ to add but rather than risk spearing the bulbs in the ground I will plant two or three to a pot and transplant them in early spring when the snowdrops, narcissi and allium are above ground.

Back to the present and Autumn has been late arriving in my neck of the woods. In this morning’s sunshine I noticed that the edges of the Norway maple are starting to glow gold so I picked up some leaves to bring indoors.  In the garden the berries of Sorbus hupehensis are flushing pink and its sea green foliage is showing a hint of colour while the leaves of Cornus  ‘Midwinter Fire’ are buttercup yellow and contrasting  with the pinky-red stems. The Virginia creeper which grows on the garage wall has had a very good year and is now showing all colours from palest orange to deepest Crimson. Around the pond  (still very low) coral pink Hesperantha has been flowering since the end of July. I pull out the finished flowering stems regularly which I’m sure encourages new flowering stems. Roses are on their second flush – it was too hot and dry in the summer – and I’m delighted to have roses in October.

It is lovely to be here today. Let’s go and see what Cathy has in her vase on this fine October day.






7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: A to Z

  1. I too am enjoying roses in October. Our summer was also very hot and dry and I had very few roses back then, or small, weedy ones that weren’t worth bringing inside. I love your cosmos. I just saw a whole bunch of cosmos just like yours growing in the yard of the lady across the street. I’d never noticed them before but I think they must have gotten tall enough to see from afar. They look beautiful. I will have to keep them in mind for planting in my yard sometime. Hope you have a good week, Sarah.


  2. It is really interesting to hear about your different flowering experiences – and how odd about the variable Envy seeds. I am dithering about zinnias for next year too – the Sprite Mixed has done quite well, but the two single colour varieties have not and although I am generally not keen on mixed planting for the cutting beds I don’t mind, and I suppose I could pick out the colours I wanted for other borders… I have just planted sme Sylphide in pots, buoyed by your continued success with them, and will consider acidanthera in future. Thanks for sharing your vase and your catch-up


  3. What a beautiful, autumnal windowsill-full. I’ve admired Acidanthera for a while now and have plans… I’m also going to grow some zinnias next year after seeing so many fabulous ones in IaVoMs. Purple ‘Mr Fokker’ A.coronaria did really well this year but Ms ‘Sylphide’ didn’t show her face. Maybe next year. Those maple leaves are lovely. Have a good week, Sarah. x


  4. Oh that’s a most attractive autumnal tableau Sarah. What plans have you got for your quinces? Cosmos ‘Purity’ has only just got its flowering socks on here but ‘Double Click Cranberry’ has been brilliant flowering since July.


  5. I love your autumn display Sarah and I see you have some lovely fragrant quinces. Do you manage to get your acidanthera to reflower? Mine just comes up leaves. They smell wonderfu?.


  6. That is so pretty, with the autumn leaves and quince. The Fennel is a lovely reminder of what mine once was, just seedheads remain now but I love that aniseed scent too.


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