Raspberries and Recognition




Sam at A Coastal Plot has just written a post that could have come from my pen, if only I could find it. But it’s not my pen I’ve lost but my voice. My mind is overflowing with stuff I would love to recollect here:  holidays (I’ve just returned from Cornwall and Bath and I’m going to Florence next week with my daughter), recipes for allotment gluts (Anna Jones’ A Modern Way To Cook is the source of my two current favourite recipes – sweet roasted courgettes with crispy chickpeas and raspberry and pistachio brownies), helping with church wedding flowers using  locally grown flowers (bit of a coup not using imported flowers), the clash of heritage weekend with the flower and produce show this weekend,  going on a printmaking workshop and keeping calm (struggling with this a bit I’m ashamed to say)  as I get used to our son living at home again after three years away at university. It took two trips (in our Golf estate) to bring everything home and I’m relieved to report that he drove to the recycling centre this morning with the Polo brimful of unwanted stuff and I followed  up with a trip to the charity shop this afternoon. Phew – there is really nothing like a good clear out and I think we both needed to clear some space.

Almost as good as connecting with Sam through the blogosphere this evening and to feel my head nodding as I read her post and to think yes, September is here (always a favourite month for me as it signifies starting anew) and it will be fun and interesting  to resume blogging. Thanks Sam for the inspirational shove and good luck with your show entries.



9 thoughts on “Raspberries and Recognition

  1. Ah, so lovely to read a post from you Sarah! I’m delighted to have prompted you to write one. September is always that time of year to start again, try anew, make changes, etc. Onwards, my friend, and upwards 🙂 Have a wonderful time in Florence.
    PS I’m going to make those raspberry and pistachio brownies, thank you for the tip.


  2. It’s good to see you back, Sarah. I hope life settles down with your son back in the house. Your raspberries are beautiful and I think the brownie recipe sounds delicious. I hope you have a good weekend.


  3. Yes, good to hear from you – sounds as if you have hardly had time to draw breath so I suspect you have done better than you thought coping with this hectic period. Have a great visit to Florence with your daughter, and perhaps things will feel a bit calmer on your return…


  4. What a beautiful deserted beach in that first image, is it from your Cornwall trip? I’d love to know where it is. Enjoy your weekend, and have a lovely trip to Florence.


  5. Sounds like you have been very busy. Lovely to see you back though as I always enjoy your posts. Beautiful beach photo, so thank you for sharing. Have a fabulous trip to Florence with your daughter, precious times.


  6. Ah yes, the post-university return. We now have 4 sieves, spices to stock a grocer’s shop, esoteric flours…To say nothing of large shoes in the hall…and the self-emptying fridge.


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