In a vase on Monday: Spring sprigs


It is always a pleasure to join in with Cathy’s Monday meme to gather and arrange a vase of home-grown delights. This morning I was up to see the rosy sun rise (early morning cross stitch is my latest passion, but even with morning light and fresh eyes I couldn’t see to sew on black so I’m using Confederate Grey 28 count linen)  but since then the weather has deteriorated so I’m glad I cut my sprigs early.

For my Royal Winton hand-decorated spongeware jug which my mother in law gave me about 25 years ago (how come this has lasted for ever while Emma Bridgewater mugs lose their handles at the drop of a hat?) I picked: Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’, Spirea ‘Goldflame’, sarcococca, unknown honeysuckle with a lovely purple stem, hydrangea petiolaris, purple-freckled white hellebore, epimedium, coral heuchera flowers and N. Thalia and N. ‘Sailboat’ (delighted to see these bulking up year on year) and a week-old tulip with a gorgeous ink-splotched centre picked from the allotment. I resisted the urge to pick tulips from the garden despite T. Purissima and T. Spring Green coming back year after year as I prefer to see them growing in the garden.

Also in the picture is the little blossom tree Prunus Kojo No Mai and a posy vase of white anemone blanda. Whenever I see the white form popping up in the sea of blue Anemone Blanda that is naturalising in my gravel garden I try to carefully remove them to plant under the pear tree.  I’m disappointed that my white A. Nemerosa bought from Sissinghurst last spring has not made an appearance yet, but maybe she’s still gathering her resources.

During a sunny walk in the woods yesterday I saw lots of wild primrose, violet, white wood anemone and bluebells all of which are clearly loving the recent chilly damp weather interspersed with the odd ray of sunshine.

Do go over to Cathy’s blog, Rambling in the garden, to see what she has arranged today. I’ve just had a quick peek and I can tell it’s a good one.









13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Spring sprigs

  1. Lovely to see you spring sprigs in that pretty jug, Sarah – such seasonal choices. I currently have a big jug of trimmings from Midwinter Fire which I didn’t want to throw away. Your embroidery is pretty too – and I can reassure you that I too changed my mind the only time I have ever tried to embroider on black!! If you want any more A nemerosa do let me know as I can willingly spare you some – it seems to take at least a year or two to settle in


  2. Your flower collection does that lovely jug justice, Sarah. I love those anemones in the tiny vase too – anemones of all kinds seem to do very well for you!


  3. Your week old tulip is just beautiful. I never pick the tulips in my garden because they look best there but I sometimes buy them in the shops. I have a beautiful tulip bunch on my windowsill just now. I like your cross stitch sampler on the light grey linen, it looks cheerful and happy. Have a lovely week. x


  4. A lovely collection of treasures and I particularly like your jug!! I tend to think of bluebells as flowering in May but I have them in flower too – do you think they are early this year or is it just my memory?


  5. Lovely spring arrangement, I love tulips when they’ve opened up a bit and the way the colour gradually fades as they go over. Lovely your cross stitch too, I like to have a little early morning crafty time as well, except I tend to crochet. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. Have a great week. Jane x


  6. Now that’s a vase filled to the brim with spring goodies Sarah. I have to confess that I have an aversion to needles and stitches but am full of admiration for you talented folk who have magic in their fingertips. My ‘Sailboat’ are now in their second year and I’m delighted with them.


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