In a vase on Monday: Heart’s ease


It was a beautiful frosty morning and there was just time to pluck a few flowers from the front garden when I returned from taking my daughter to the station for her journey back to Canterbury.

Already in my little glass posy vase were a few anemones picked from the allotment last week and I added  leucojum, crocus, anemone blanda, primula ‘Devon Cream’ (sown years ago but flowers almost continuously through the year in the shade of a fatsia japonica) and narcissus tete a tete.

We had a lovely weekend with our daughter which was just the tonic I needed and I’m really trying to stay in the moment and not worry too much about the future.

Thank you to Cathy for hosting in a vase on Monday, taking part always makes my day.




19 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Heart’s ease

  1. I’ve read this post, and then went to read your previous post but I did not find what is causing your pain…I hope you find ease and contentment soon. Your blooms are lovely…and reading your previous entry reminded me that I had not yet watched Mary Beard on catchup. I’ve been to Pompeii several times, and will enjoy this. Many thanks for posting. xx


  2. I love the mix of spring flowers that you’ve chosen and the setting that you’ve displayed them in. Your tray cover reminds me of the needlework that my grandmother did years ago – it would be a shame if these beautiful crafts were lost. Was the cover made by you? It’s very beautiful.


  3. This bouquet is so delicate and pretty. I didn’t know that flower was called heart’s ease. It sounds like the perfect antidote for your worries at the moment. I really like the arrangement you’ve made on the table too. I hope you have a good week, Sarah.


  4. What a lovely little posy! I can imagine that this is lifting up your mood. Good luck staying in the moment, it is the only thing we have, anyways.
    Warm regards,


  5. The handkerchief you laid underneath your posy mirrors the flowers beautifully, Sarah! I hope your week is as nice as your weekend was. I’m a worrier by nature too but I’ve found that it’s generally a poor investment of my time – focusing on the present is the way to go!


  6. I am sorry that you have worries at the moment and am glad that a day with your daughter took your mind off things. I only had one daughter home for Mother’s Day – the other is too busy with university deadlines. I had a lovely time with my elder daughter and was very sad to put her on the train back to London yesterday. Your display looks so pretty – almost as though you had made an embroidery.


  7. Such a pretty spring like display Sarah and all set to perfection on that tray. I can just visualise that with some rearrangement that there would be room on the tray for a hot drink and a slice of cake. That anemone is an absolute star. Glad to hear that your daughter’s visit has lifted your spirits.


  8. Your purple flowers are such good accompaniments to your daffodils, and match your flowers on your napkin too. I’m enjoying the flowers of spring. I like your little row of hearts. I’ve experienced waking at night and having anxiety about about health problems keep me awake too. It helps me to find herbs that address my problems and make some progress.


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