In a vase on Monday: January treasures


My kitchen window on the first Monday in January. Unbelievably a vase I made before Christmas is still looking fresh. It comprises stems of Cornus Midwinter Fire, Ilex Golden King and Sarcococca Confusa in flower.

I am pleased to report that I picked a jug of anemone coronaria Sylphide for Christmas, and have only just composted the half dozen flowers. It remains in flower at the allotment although looking increasingly raggedy in all the wind and rain. I will continue to pick it though as I’m sure my constant picking has played no small part in its nine consecutive months of flowering. While on my way back from the compost bin I plucked some flowering stems of anemone blanda. From a planting of probably a dozen bulbs many years ago these now  form a carpet of blue in early spring. The snowdrops and crocuses are also pushing up through the ground, and look what else I spotted: one flower of Iris reticulata, growing in the sunniest and most well-drained corner of the garden. Lots more of these to come I’m sure. And I couldn’t resist plucking a sprig from Daphne Odora aureomarginata. She is being so generous this year, flowering since November, and I find her scent irresistible.

I’m just popping over to Cathy at Rambling in the garden to catch up with her vase on Monday. Why don’t you come too and be inspired to post your own Monday vase. Mine today is only three inches high but the pleasure it brings cannot be measured.


17 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: January treasures

  1. I love the Daphne too, I saw a superb shrub in full flower in a front garden on the way to the gym this morning. That little pot of fragrant flowers is so sweet both to look at for us and for you to smell too!


  2. Three inches of pure delight – I haven’t done a teeny tiny vase for ages and yet I love them just as much… Must go and have a poke around for my A blanda – certainly not noticed them so far – and I hope I have even a fraction of your Sylphide success with the A de Caen I am growing for Younger Daughter’s wedding! Thanks for sharing today


  3. Shame it’s not smell-o-vision. What a pretty vase of gorgeous blooms. I’m so pleased you were able to pick some of those gorgeous pink anemones for Christmas – I will definitely plant some this year.


  4. A perfect illustration of the phrase that “small is beautiful”. Nine months of consecutive flowering really merits a celebratory vase. I’ve never grown anemones but really must give them a go.


  5. Your success with anemones is just amazing, Sarah! Last time this year, my own anemones were starting to appear but I fear that the dry conditions under this drought may have done in the tubers as I’ve seen no sign of them this year.


  6. your anemones are lovely, I was gifted some by a dear blog friend a few years ago but I fear the mice ate the bulbs, there is no sign of them this year yet……….


  7. What lovely things in your vasees this week Sarah. Anemone blanda, Iris reticulata and Sarcococca out in January! As for your non- stop flowering anemones, they are wonderful.


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