Winter pinks and blues




I excavated the Christmas decorations today, but as I’m enjoying the winter season and this special time of waiting I have nothing Christmassy to show yet. Instead I’m baking bread, my third sourdough bake of the week has just come out of the oven and the sultana loaf from a couple of days ago was so delicious it’s been eaten already.  I’ve started knitting a slouchy ‘Graham’ hat (free pattern available on Ravelry) using British undyed worsted wool. I’ve finished piecing 42 log cabin squares for a patchwork quilt but I’m putting these to one side while I adapt some curtains for our new cottage and try my hand at making a Roman blind. I was thrilled to discover the makings of five pairs of curtains in the loft this weekend, enough for all three bedrooms.  Quotes for essential work to the cottage are coming in thick and fast so I’m pleased to be adopting a ‘make do and mend’ approach to the soft furnishings. I did receive some good news today which is that the stove and chimney are ready to go. At the cottage I’ve been pruning roses, sweeping gutters and cleaning windows while at home I’ve kept my feet on the ground tidying the garden to expose hellebore flowers and emerging bulbs. I’ve been making lots of soup, today it was celeriac and apple, and we’re still eating apples from the allotment. They are a bit wrinkly but taste sweet and fragrant. Talking of fragrance my garden is awash with scent from sarcococca, lonicera, viburnum Bodnantense ‘Dawn’ and Daphne Odora  and on a sunny day like yesterday it was heaven on earth. With all this going on in the garden I can certainly wait for one of my favourite moments of the year – coming downstairs on a cold Christmas morning to the smell of a freshly cut Scots Pine or Norway Spruce.

Next week is time enough to prepare for Christmas, after all there are still two full weeks to go before we even start the 12 days of Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Winter pinks and blues

  1. You have been busy. No evidence of Christmas here either, although I am contemplating mince pies for a guest at the weekend. And tomorrow I’m supposed to collect the Christmas tree, so no doubt I shall then be pestered for the decorations. CJ xx


  2. Sometimes I think we miss the possibilities of the weeks before Christmas…it is more in the mind. I too love the low light, discovering things below the leaves and knitting!


  3. It is too easy to get swept up by the mayhem of pre-Christmas nonsense. (Don’t mean to sound bah-humbug-ish!) Your calm, steady enjoyment of the season sounds perfect and I love all your creative output. My children are chomping at the bit here – tree! decorations! shopping! mince pies! – I’m trying hard to keep calm and serene and not slightly anxious and irritable! Pass the gin…


  4. What a lovely soothing post, Sarah. Sounds like you’ve found a good balance between keeping things moving along without getting overwhelmed and the news of warmth coming to the cottage is timely! I hope you’ll give us an update in due course. I love the look of your wool, such a beautiful colour, and your sultana loaf sounds delicious! I’ve been baking as well, there’s something so soothing about kneading dough and waiting for it to rise. It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly christmas, the weather here has still been very mild and I’ve also been able to potter around the garden. (Much needed!) My son returns home from uni at the end of next week so I’ll try and have things a little more festive by then; in the meantime, I’m just revelling in a bit of calm. Caro x


  5. Good for you, Sarah. It sounds like you’re having a calm start to the season. I was too, up until the middle of this week, but then a lot of things started happening at once. A week from now, I’ll be back to peaceful and I look forward to that. Your quilt blocks are really beautiful, I love the sunny yellow centers. Very pretty and bright. I hope you have a good weekend.


  6. Hello! Thank you for popping by my blog – it’s lovely to meet you. I love your photos of that blue sky – ours seems to be a rather unrelenting grey at the moment! Your bread looks great, as does your quilt. I’m going to grab myself a cup of tea later, when I have a moment, and enjoy reading your previous posts. Have a peaceful week. xx


  7. Catching up rather belatedly with some blog reading, and I really enjoyed this post. Your photographs are very calming, and I enjoyed hearing the quiet anticipation of festivities to come in a very unhurried, soothing way. Wonderful. Excellent news about all your making for the new cottage, how wonderfully exciting. Ypur quilt looks absolutely stunning. X


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