In a vase on Monday: Desiring roses


I couldn’t let Cathy’s anniversary go by without posting a vase. Venturing into the garden I was surprised to see how much is flowering and this is what I picked today.

Hydeangea ‘Heinrich Seidel’,  Panicum, viburnum Bodnantense ‘Dawn’, a pinky/purple hellebore (stem seared in boiling water), five roses from Lavender Lassie and New Dawn, fuchsia, Japanese anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ and foliage from euonymus emerald gaiety all contained within my pint size Denby jug.


This Monday vase posting has been so much fun. I’ll be going over to Cathy’s blog, Rambling in the garden to see what she has made for her special day.

13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Desiring roses

  1. How strange – I just commented on Chloris’ post that I love V.bodnantense ‘Dawn’ and here it is! The smell is heavenly, isn’t it? Lovely vase, Sarah.


  2. It is a joy to have so many flowers to choose from in November. Once we get a frost we will lose them. It is great to make the most of them in a vase. Your posy looks delightful in the Denby jug


  3. Look at all those roses! And you have a hellebore flowering – I have found a few teeny tiny buds here, but I do have LOTS of V. b. Dawn buds for the first time which I am not surprisingly very excited about! Yours is such a hopeful November vase with all those lovely blooms cocking a snook at the winter – thank you for sharing


  4. Oh that’s a most attractive looking vase of flowers Sarah. I must look at my ‘New Dawn’ when I venture out later to see if there are any signs of colour. I have a feeling though it may have called it a day for this year particularly as I’ve threatened to cull it. That euonymus foliage is rather striking. ‘Gaiety’ is such an apt name .


  5. How lovely to have so much beauty still in bloom in your garden! I love that dusky pink hellebore peeping through the foliage.


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