Yarn along


I have just taken my work off my home made blocking and stretching board in preparation for this Saturday’s upholstery course when I will be using this piece of wool embroidered canvas measuring some 23 inches by 16 inches to upholster a mahogany Victorian stool. I used leftover remnants from Appletons to stitch the cornflowers and barley twists and Appletons 2 ply crewel wool in three strands to work the background. I bought the crewel wool blindly in January and it is possibly darker than I would/ should have chosen, but each hank was retailing at the knockdown price of £3.00 from a wool shop which was closing down in the market town of Burford in the Cotswolds so it was too good to pass. I did some maths in the shop and bought five hanks hoping that would be plenty and it was – I still have almost one and a half hanks leftover. But don’t worry I am already planning a new crewel work project using a piece of buff coloured linen salvaged from a charity shop and Alicia Paulson’s brilliant  Daisychain ABC pattern which I’ve bought from her shop. I quite fancy wool embroidery as my next project with no deadline to worry about.

My reading matter is riveting. I chose a selection of Booker Prize winning novels from the library last week but none of them gripped me as they should. I came across “The Book of Daniel” by Edgar Lawrence Doctorow on my daughter’s bookshelves (she is reading English and American Literature at university) and I am hooked. I am a reader who needs to be swept along in the first few pages and this book certainly does that. I love plays and novels that deal with the American Dream and this novel stands, like some of the best American literature, as an antidote to that dream.

In brief it is a fictional rendering of the fate of the Rosenbergs (remember the opening sentence of Plath’s The Bell Jar) the couple who were executed for passing the secret of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union and who became the first Americans ever to be executed for spying. I am fizzing with excitement about reading it. This is my kind of novel.

Joining in with Ginny’s yarn along.


6 thoughts on “Yarn along

  1. Gorgeous sewing, and you finished it in plenty of time, well done. I hope the upholstering is enjoyable, it will be a wonderful thing when it’s done. CJ xx


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