In a vase on Monday: Days of Wine and Roses


Are not long … so we are making the most of them while we can.

I can take no credit for the green glass vase of roses, ivy flowers and mint but the red rose in the Trelowarren pottery jug is from my allotment grown Rosa Fragrant Cloud which has the best scent.

I am still cutting dahlias and anemones for the kitchen table and at the weekend I was surprised to see a single bloom of acidanthera so I cut it and popped it in the green pottery jug too. There may be more of these but I wouldn’t recommend them as a cutting flower as they last only a day or two in the vase and not that much longer when left in the ground. I am getting excited about next year’s cutting patch and have transplanted blood red wallflowers into their flowering position and I’m now on a mission to track down some complementary tulip bulbs. Sarah Raven suggests T. Georgette which looks gorgeous, but will I be able to buy it locally?

In every spare moment I’m stitching my needlework. I am nearly there.


Today we have been celebrating the birth of this little chap 22 years ago.

Four days old, and can you tell I haven't slept for the duration.

I thought about waking up at three in the morning to see the lunar eclipse, but decided my days of waking in the middle of the night were behind me. My son did stay up though to celebrate the hour of his birth at 3.10am on the morning of 28 September 1993.

I’m so happy to be joining in with Cathy from Rambling in the garden and her Monday meme to post a vase of flowers.

I nearly didn’t make it but I’m glad I did.


8 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Days of Wine and Roses

  1. Oh gorgeous photograph of you and your son! My oldest turns 16 tomorrow and I am not quite sure where the last 16 have gone! Though as I reminded him this morning, I did go in to hospital 16 years ago this morning, but he didn’t arrive for another 35 hours! X


    1. Thanks Penny. My son arrived more than 48 hours after onset of labour, thankfully only the last seven hours were spent in hospital, but it did mean both of us had to stay in hospital for five days on antibiotics as a precaution against a perceived ‘risk’ of infection. My baby had to have his dose administered intravenously through a vein in the back of his hand hence the sock on his right hand. I was never so happy to come home!


  2. I adore the wine red of your roses (and the wine looks rather good too!). I like the addition of mint and find that lemon balm works similarly well roses too.


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