Three pints of flowers and a vase on Monday


Today is the day I dusted down my largest green Denby jug and filled it with allotment flowers and a few garden bits and pieces.

I have never created such a large arrangement and am pleased with my effort, especially as I am currently suffering from the worst cold ever.


Here is an overhead shot to help me (and you) with flower identification, and for scale I’ve included the rest of my inherited family of Denby jugs which range from the smallest quarter pint to my largest three pint jug. This green Denby stoneware, together with orange Le Creuset casseroles is the ‘kitchen scape’ to my 1970s childhood.

What did I include?

From the allotment I picked Cosmos ‘Purity’, a magenta pink cosmos, Dahlia Onesta, Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’ and calendula (including its seed heads).

And from the garden I picked Hesperantha ‘Coccinea’, an unnamed fuchsia, an unnamed purple-stemmed lonicera, some flowering strands from the grass panicum and some beautiful whorls of shiny seed heads from Clematis ‘Marie Boisselot’.

I am joining in with In a vase on Monday, Cathy’s meme where we gather homegrown or foraged material and arrange and post the results. I always look forward to visiting Rambling in the Garden  to see what Cathy and other bloggers from around the world have found for their Monday vases. Just thinking about it now is making me feel better. Time to put the kettle on for a cup of hot lemon and honey I think.

17 thoughts on “Three pints of flowers and a vase on Monday

  1. Sorry to hear you have a cold, I hope the cheerful flowers in a cherished vase cheer you up. Your cosmos is looking so vigorous, mine (in pots) have felt the cold nip in the air and have slowed right down. I was thinking of replacing them with asters – maybe next year.


  2. Gorgeous flowers, and the jugs are lovely. Brilliant that you’ve grown everything yourself. Sorry you’ve got such a horrible cold, I hope it passes soon. CJ xx


  3. Beautifully arranged flowers and I love the Denby jug; I once went to the factory shop it was amazing and their tearoom, of course used all Denby mugs and tea cups, I remember being surprised but can’t think why now! I hope you feel better soon; I had the worst cold ever earlier in the year maybe it is still doing the rounds. Sit down, with a nice cup of tea and watch something mindless on iPlayer, take care, Christina


  4. I looked at my Denby jugs like this one (only a few pieces, a hotch potch from an auction so no memories attached, unlike yours) for last week, but one was too small, the other too big!! Yours is perfect with your lovely collection of blooms – I have made a note of ‘Onesta’ this time but I see it is not in the Peter Nyssen catalogue and in view of my impending purchase embargo I might have to give it a miss. Such an eclectic vase today – I love it! Thanks for making the effort to share it despite feeling the way you do today – hope it blows over soon…


  5. Yep, same here, we’ve all been hit with a cold bug. The downside to autumn. Get better soon. That floral arrangement is just beautiful, so bright and colourful. x


  6. I love your overhead shot – very stylish! The Denby jugs are perfect – my 70’s childhood had Denby ware as a backdrop as well but a different pattern – sadly it has all been passed on – my mother could never be called a hoarder!


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