In a vase on Monday: In the pink


How lovely to see the sun streaming into the kitchen today.

I took this photo first thing this morning after a quick refresh of my Friday allotment pickings.

In the green pottery jug are the usual suspects of Dahlia Onesta and Anemone coronaria Sylphide together with a couple of China Asters grown from seed sown at the allotment this year.

Less pink is the jug of hydrangeas which I’m starting to dry for winter decoration.

And still green is the tray of slowly ripening Gardener’s Delight tomatoes.

After the success of this year’s anemone corms which have been flowering continuously since June from an April planting I splashed out last week and bought another 20 corms for planting now at the allotment for a spring blooming. The colour is a dark maroon purple which will make a change from pink.

I’m joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the garden to post a vase of home grown flowers every Monday. Shall we pop over to see what she and others have found for today’s vases?

13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: In the pink

  1. beautiful flowers. i’m aspiring to a cut-flower patch next year…although i have this terrible resistance to actually *cutting* flowers and bringing them in. it’s quite ridiculous, actually. 😉 xo


  2. Oh, to have anemones bloom for such a long period! They don’t last long here in southern California – the first heatwaves (which this year arrived especially early in March) quickly do them in. Still, I wouldn’t be without them, even if I can enjoy them for little more than a month.


  3. Your pink flowers match amazingly, they are cute in the mug. I haven’t tried Anemone coronaria, I guess I think they are not hardy, though I enjoy A. nemorosa and A. japonica in the spring and fall. I like the square Hydrangeas, they will look great dried.


  4. Lovely- especially like the Dahlias. Ours are usually earwig fodder, but this summer the two I bought and put in a pot have done so well and are still going strong x


  5. I wonder what went wrong with my A sylphide then… 😦 That’s an amazing flowering period! Do you try banana skin treatment for your tomatoes – it definitely works. Have I said that my GD tomatoes were definitely NOT GD? Second year running as well… Thanks for sharing – and of course vases don’t have to be ‘steaming’ to bring pleasure (and don’t even have to have blooms…)


  6. A great idea to bring hydrangeas into the house and dry them. I love the antiqey shades they go in autumn. An anemone coronaria in September? I didn’ t know that was possible. All very pretty in pink.


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