In a vase on Monday: Three jugs


I picked the flowers for today’s vases from the allotment on Friday evening. I left everything conditioning overnight and here below is the photo I took in very strong sunlight early on Saturday morning. image

I thought I should make more of an effort this afternoon than simply filling a jug so I separated my flowers into three lots. But either the flowers weren’t cooperating or there wasn’t enough natural light on this very rainy day so the flowers in the three Denby jugs, which range in size from a quarter pint to a full pint, look flat and washed-out under the kitchen LED lights.


Here’s a slightly better one of  Cosmos ‘Purity’. I sowed the seed direct at the allotment in May this year.


And the half pint jug from above. Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’ has been fantastic, 10 corms producing at least two or three flowers a week for months. And they last in the vase for a week or more, becoming paler with age and with a more  pronounced black centre. Also in this vase is Dahlia ‘Onesta’ and dark pink cosmos.

I very nearly brought down from the top of a kitchen cupboard my entire inherited collection of Denby Manor Green, but decided I would save the pleasure of washing everything until I have enough plant material to fill my largest three pint jug.

In the meantime I am going over to Cathy’s blog, Rambling in the garden, to see what floral delights she and other bloggers have found for their Monday vases.

15 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Three jugs

  1. The ‘pleasure’ of washing the whole set….?! I love your pink contents the best and will look out for that dahlia – I guess its name is pronounced On-esta but it would be more fun to call it One-Sta, don’t you think? I have tried twice with Sylphide with limited success so won’t bother again – shame cos she is a gorgeous colour


  2. It’s still so surprising when I see Anemones at this time of year when mine were gone in early spring. They’re beautiful flowers, as are the Cosmos, but those Dahlias are flat-out gorgeous!


  3. That Denby jug is a perfect colour to show off the beautiful cosmos purity and I love the pink flowers. I am looking forward to seeing your biggest jug full of blooms!


  4. I’ve made a note of the name of that glorious dahlia for next year. Most interested to read that your cosmos ‘Purity’ were sown directly. I usually have some cosmos ‘Purity’ growing at the allotment but have always grown them on in the greenhouse at home before transferring them. Your way sounds like less work!


  5. I’m finally catching up with everyone after my time offline and how lovely to be greeted here by so many pretty flowers, indoors and out. It does look like you’ve had a good summer, and let’s hope summer continues for a good while yet.

    Your little knitted shawl from a few posts back is gorgeous!


  6. I’ve never grown cosmos or anemones but I love them both. The jugs are beautiful. You have such a lovely, varied collection of things to put flowers into. 🙂


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