In a vase on Monday: Rosy Posy


For this week’s  In a vase on Monday I was inspired by Cathy’s mum to create a small posy to welcome home my daughter for the weekend. I had in mind a little Victorian posy and this is what I managed to glean from the garden.

A spray of apricot pink roses from Rosa Sussex. This rose has a wonderful open habit and is very popular with bees. I bought it in May and it is planted in a large terracotta pot for now but it has been flowering continuously probably due to regular dousing with weak comfrey tea. The flowers are small and delicate and very nicely scented.

A flowering stem from Nandina domestica.

One stem of Sedum, not yet colouring but such a good filler I’ve realised.

One flower from Japanese Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’.

Two seed heads of Nigella, grown on the allotment but dried at home.

Foliage from Rhamnus, a leaf from a soft-shield fern and a piece of flowering mint.

I made the posy last Friday afternoon and apart from some shedding from the Nandina flowers it looks as fresh today as it did then. Looking at the photos here though I wish I possessed a prettier jug than my green Denby stoneware one.


On my mantelpiece  I have the last of the acidanthera, which unfortunately does not last well in a vase. It is related to gladioli so I am surprised but maybe it has just been too hot or the flowers suffered during the journey home by bike. The scent remains though, despite drooping flower heads.

Finally on my kitchen table I have a sweet little posy from my allotment cutting patch. I am using a favourite little brown jug bought from the Mulchelney pottery in the heart of the Somerset Levels.  It was made by John Leach, the eldest grandson of Bernard Leach and the son of David Leach. John has been throwing pots here since 1965. The pottery is located fairly close to East Lambrook Manor and I remember very well my first visit to Margery Fish’s garden and later visiting the pottery during an Easter break many years ago when we stayed in one of the lodge houses to Montacute.


I’m afraid that I haven’t been able to work out the names of the flowers (the seed came from one packet of Sarah Raven seeds for cutting sown at the allotment in April) apart from the pale yellow Calendula, but I love the way the three different flowers are harmonising. This posy was picked mid- week and still looks fresh today.

I shall be going over to Cathy’s blog Rambling in the garden to see what she and others have found to put In a vase on Monday. It is always fun to share ideas and commenting is as much fun as posting.

19 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Rosy Posy

  1. Absolutely beautiful, you definitely have a talent for flowers. I like the idea of a mixed packet of seeds for cut flowers, I like to have a little surprise and try different things. I think I shall look out for something similar next year. CJ xx


  2. Such lovely vases and I really do like your Denby jug!! I hope you had a great time with your daughter and that she appreciated your flowers. Like yours, my cat is not interested in my nepeta at all – what a shame that you are having such trouble from another cat.


  3. Both lovely vases. I love the colours in your rose one. You’ve reminded me how useful Nandina is (we had one in our previous garden) – lovely habit, flowers, berries, colour of leaves. Hope you had a lovely time with your daughter.


  4. I’m another that loves your Denby jug. I think it tones beautifully with the flowers. I was just thinking that the top photo would make a wonderful oil painting when I noticed your Virginia Woolf book underneath – the whole scene is very Bloomsbury Group!


  5. I like the shaping of the foliage fillers, and the Nigella seed pods add so much with their little tendrils. They all make a lovely setting for the pretty roses.


  6. your vases are lovely – I really like the first one – I’ve got an orange rose in my vase this week too but have no idea of its name as it was in my garden when I moved in. I like the contrast of colours with the aqua vase. and the yellow one is great – very zingy 🙂 have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine – love bec xx


  7. I will tell my Mum you have been inspired by her posy gestures – she will be modestly chuffed, as she already is by all the positive comments about her vase! I love the Denby vase too – which reminds me that I have few oddments of Denby like this too which may appear on a Monday. The green is great match for any blooms I think! It certainly works well on your selection and several of the contents have got me thinking too… Thanks for sharing – I trust your daughter enjoyed ‘her’ vase…


  8. What stunning flowers. I was just thinking how good that simple green Denby jug looked with the posy you picked.They compliment each other really well. I need many more roses in my garden, I’ve decided. x


  9. Both vases are so pretty. I love the pink roses especially. Your daughter must have been delighted with your efforts to welcome her home. The Denby vase is such a soft shade of green, lovely with the flowers you’ve cut this week. Best wishes, WG


  10. I also love your Denby jug which suits your romantic style arrangement very well. It would make a lovely wedding bouquet.


  11. Oh what an attractive homecoming posy for your daughter to return to Sarah. The rose looks such a soft and subtle colour and all the occupants compliment it so effectively.


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