In a vase on Monday: Scented sword


Exciting news, the acidanthera at the allotment is flowering, and it’s scented and it holds itself beautifully in my opaque green glass triangular vase bought, I think, in Heals in Guildford pre-children. I’m sure I wouldn’t have bought such an unstable topply-over kind of vase with babies and toddlers in the house, but you never know. In those far-off days I would buy the occasional spray of yellow freesia or scented narcissi and this vase was the perfect container. But surely it was made to contain two stems of elegant acidanthera which are now filling the room with their fresh lily of the valley scent.

I think we need a close-up of the flower because they have marvellous splodgy but stylish maroon middles. And a note about their cultivation which was simply to plant bulbs in a row at the allotment in April. They have been watered and occasionally fed with comfrey tea and as I planted about a dozen bulbs I have another 10 stems to look forward to. I also planted a few bulbs at home so it will be interesting to compare flowering times.


And a quick note about the understudy which features my little blue jug with Dahlia Onesta, Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’, a pink cornflower and the first two stems of magenta cosmos which is flowering among my wildflower patch. Now it’s been photographed I will return it to the kitchen table.

I’m very pleased to be joining in again with Cathy’s wonderful meme, In a vase on Monday, where we cut flowers and foliage from our gardens and allotments and post the results for everyone to share.


18 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Scented sword

  1. Such a graceful arrangement. I tried growing acidanthera here in Southern California and, although I got some blooms the first year, they didn’t look so good the second year. We call them peacock orchids here. They’re lovely.


  2. I will definitely be planting some Acidanthera next year – absolutely my sort of flower. I can see that I need to embrace comfrey tea as the answer to all my Horticultural problems.


  3. It somehow seems almost strange having bulbs flowering in August – did you plant them in Autumn? They are indeed elegant and your grown-up vase is perfect for them.What variety are your lovely dark cosmos? Thanks for sharing both (quality not quantity!)


    1. I’m almost embarrassed to say I bought a bag of bulbs from Waitrose and simply planted them in April according to the instructions. Although comfrey tea may be fundamental to their success. The magenta cosmos are the result of a direct sowing this year from an old packet of mixed cosmos seed.


      1. No, don’t be embarrassed – be proud of you just flung them in! Oh, and how often do you do your comfrey tea watering? And how big an area do you water with one can? I am trying to get in the habit of doing it regularly here – and I am sure if I did it often enough to get noticeable results the habit would be easier!!

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  4. How lovely, well done on growing them successfully, they are so beautiful. Have you ever managed to get them to flower the following year? I have often tried but never succeeded.


  5. The green vase is perfect for the lovely delicate flowers, it’s nice to know they are fragrant too. The reds and pinks look so pretty in the blue pitcher, too!


  6. Yours are just lovely, and so full of buds! They must love the Comphrey tea. They work beautifully in the vase. I love the silhouette these stems create and how they change a little each day. Best wishes, WG


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