In a vase on Monday: Random


I’m joining in again with Cathy’s meme In a vase on Monday when we cut bits and pieces from our gardens and allotments and post the results.

It is a random collection of vases from me this week which as usual arranged themselves without any artistic merit on my behalf save clearing the top of my Victorian pine chest of drawers of all its junk which I bought in a proper junk shop about 30 years ago.

I love this piece of furniture. I love its mellow honey colour, the pattern of the grain and the silky feel of the wood which I treat every now and again with beeswax polish. I love the fact that it has been a repository for the children’s toys and that board games still live in the largest bottom drawer. The Lego from the middle drawer has only recently been boxed up and put in the loft to make way for my embroidered linen collection worked by my mother and grandmother. The small left hand drawer still contains all those bits and pieces that children love to collect while the right hand drawer is my ‘tech’ drawer.

The vases today are all secondhand except for the very plain Celadon cylinder vase which I bought at the Bernard Leach pottery on the outskirts of St Ives more than 10 years ago. The potter is Amanda Brier and her monogram  is incised at the base of the pot. Amanda was born in Falmouth in 1978 and studied at Falmouth College of Art. She worked at the Leach studio between 2000 and 2005 and it was during this period that I bought this pot.

But back to the vase contents and in the tall Denby stoneware pot (inscribed on the base with the initials RBW) we have a volunteer stem of Agapanthus which self-seeded in the gravel around the water-butt. Alongside I have added a stem of Hydrangea ‘Heinrich Seidel’, a piece of Physocarpus ‘Diablo’ and a poppy stem with three seed heads. There is also my little blue jug with Dahlia Onesta and four stems today of Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’ and an old stone pot with lavender. The Amanda Brier pot has a stem of Allium ‘Christophii’ which I clumsily knocked while cutting back the Alchemilla mollis today.

Cathy has posted probably my most favourite vase ever today. Do go over to Rambling in the Garden to see it and the links to many other lovely vases.


10 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Random

  1. It’s a pretty collection of bits and pieces. I laughed when I read that your staging involved clearing the top of the pine chest – my vases also encourage me to neaten things up each week.


  2. I love the whole arrangement, including the dresser. It’s an interesting piece of furniture. I think you’re very talented with putting bouquets together; they always look very natural and never fussy.


  3. We are all clearly envious of a self seeded agapanthus – I am still waiting for my original bulbs to flower, let alone produce seed! I loved hearing about all your different vases too and I especially like the celadon one. How very observant to spot the triple headed poppy stem! Lovely eclectic collection – thanks for sharing Sarah 🙂


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