In a vase on Monday: Scenting liberation

image Another quick contribution from me today as I arrived home late with my flowers, but I did want to share Dahlia Onesta, bought as a new tuber this year, started off in a pot in a sheltered position outside and planted at the allotment at the end of May.  Accompanying Onesta are two stems of Anemone Coronaria Sylphide, grown from corms this year, and white Nigella, pink cornflowers and crimson Dianthus all grown from seed this year. image image I’m also sharing my favourite rose Fragrant Cloud who has responded magnificently to feeding with comfrey tea and has produced half a dozen roses for cutting over the last week and my stoneware Denby pot which usually holds dried material through the winter months but here is proving a suitable vessel for two sprays of Lilium regale. I’ve grown lilies in pots for 30 years but have never cut any flower stems for the house before today.  It feels strangely liberating! Thank you Cathy for being the instigator of this liberating meme. I’m going over to Cathy’s blog to see what she and others have found for their Monday vases.

11 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Scenting liberation

  1. Lovely pink vases with the pretty dahlia and rose and fabulous lilies in your lovely tall vase. Have you tried sowing the seeds? They germinate very readily and produce flowers in 2 or 3 years.


  2. A lovely lovely pink dahlia and I am enamoured of your pink cornflower too, having only grown Black Ball and a white one – I like single colours so I shall need to source some pink seeds for next year. What variety is your dianthus? I have D Russian Skies which was a free T&M packet of seeds but they are not flowering yet. Well done for cutting your lilies – I guess they will last a long time in the vase. Thanks for sharing today 🙂


  3. The dianthus was in the Sarah Raven seeds for cutting mix. New flowers are still coming from this one packet so it represents amazing value both in terms of cost and my time. I simply sowed the seed into prepared ground and left it to germinate. My one regret is that I sowed the seed in too small a space having no idea how successful it would be. I would love to buy another packet for next year, but I cannot find the same mix either on-line or at my local garden centre where I bought the original packet. I may have to email Sarah. In any event I will try and save as much seed as I can.


  4. Your flowers are so pretty. I love the way the pink flowers look in the blue jug. I actually didn’t know a dahlia started with a tuber until just now!


  5. Love that pink dahlia and cornflower. We don’t have much luck at all with dahlias but I do love them. I might have to give in and buy a ready-grown one!


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