In a vase on Monday: Little blue jug


In between painting and waxing my old kitchen table and emptying the last drop of water from the water-butt in anticipation of a deluge tomorrow I took my scissors and cut a few flowers from the garden to go with some allotment flowers from previous vases.

Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’ has been such a pleasant surprise. I bought a bag of 10 corms and planted them at the allotment and have been picking odd flowers for the last couple of weeks. They last for ages in the vase and in today’s blue jug I have one open flower picked about a week ago and one still in bud picked on Saturday. Keeping with the magenta theme I picked one flower from Hydrangea ‘Heinrich Seidel’,  bought half price at Heligan about 15 years ago and gracing the front garden ever since. There is also one seedhead from Clematis Alpina, one spray from Astrantia ‘Roma’, one spray from a pondside Astilbe  and a red-tinged leaf from Geranium maccrorhizum together with a couple of crimson annual Dianthus and a couple of pink cornflowers, these last two picked from the allotment on Saturday.


Thanks as always are due to Cathy for encouraging us to go into our gardens on a damp day and pick flowers for pleasure. Joining in this meme means that when dismantling vases one always now considers whether a flower could last another few days in a different vase.  A bit like food that one has grown, prepared and cooked you really do not want to waste a flower that you have grown from seed, bulb or corm.

I’m going over to Cathy’s blog, Rambling in the Garden, to see what other bloggers have found to put in a vase on Monday.

13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Little blue jug

  1. I love your blue jug – and what a nice collection of pinky things in it, all very co-ordinated. It’s interesting to read how well your ‘Sylphide’ did – I grew some because I had seen them on Christina’s blog but they seemed quite insignificant here. Yours looks lovely here, especially with the dark astrantia and the astilbe. Thanks for deciding to put together a vase after all and sharing it with us!


  2. So pretty! I was surprised to see the Anemone as mine died back in March here in southern California. But then I can’t grow Astilbe or Astrantia here either.


  3. One of the many positive things about blogging is that ‘stop and think’ moment that you would probably not otherwise have, be it flowers, a photograph, remembering a recipe to share or looking around you more carefully on a walk. Your flowers are gorgeous as always x


  4. You are absolutely right Penny. I think I have become much more observant and even more mindful as a result of blogging. Thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments. My daughter’s coming home tomorrow for the weekend so I’ve been cleaning her room and making her bed, and then I found myself getting sidetracked disentangling her ‘jewels’. She has so many necklaces and they all end up in a tangled mess, no good to anyone! Motherhood – don’t we just love it!


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