In a vase on Monday: Made it!

imageThis is not like me at all on a Monday. Normally I relish a quiet start to the working week and the opportunity to play around with my Monday vase and today has been a bit of a rush but I did want to share and record the flowers I’m picking from my cutting patch at the allotment because, despite the heat last week, everything is flowering so beautifully.

Knowing I would have little time today I picked yesterday evening on the way home from a walk up and around Leith Hill. I left the flowers “conditioning” overnight and first thing this morning I snipped off the ends, plonked them in the jug and took it  outside to photograph. Below is an overhead shot to help with flower identification. image

I am so pleased with the variety coming from just one packet of seed which I sowed direct at the allotment at the beginning of April and I take my hat off to Sarah Raven and her team for making this great “Cut Flower” selection. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the seed packet and I can’t find this exact collection on-line so I am doing my best to identify the flowers as they appear. This is what I think I have in my vase today:

Cornflower, both blue and pink; pink corn cockle (agrostemma githago); ammi majus; crimson dianthus; white Iberis amara (candytuft); pink Malope trifida; pink Lychnis coeli-rosa and coral-coloured Nemesia.

According to my research most of these flowers should self-seed for next year which would be fantastic if it happens. And I should say that there are lots of flowers yet to bloom and there are masses of bright yellow calendula, some with maroon middles, which makes this one packet of seed amazing value.

It is so good to come home after a busy day and find a jug of home-grown flowers on the kitchen table. Thank you Cathy for encouraging us all to take part and post our Monday vases.

I will be popping over to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what she and other bloggers have found to put “In a vase on Monday’.

12 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Made it!

  1. Beautiful flowers Sarah. It’s lovely to be able to pick your own isn’t it? Saying goodbye to children can be hard. I wanted mine to join the navy when they were about 11 or 12 years old … but for some reason they wouldn’t have them! When they did finally go to uni I was a wreck too. When they’re not around there’s more time for gardening and that secret stash of choccy stays exactly where I left it!


  2. Great cut flower selection! I love growing my cut flower gardens every year, so that now, I can have a new fresh bouquet almost every week! Isn’t it rewarding having the bouquet coming from your own garden? I know what you mean about the hectic Mondays… I usually have to make bouquets on Sundays, otherwise I wouldn’t have a bouquet at all 😉 Happy Monday


  3. Yes, definitely a good choice of seeds in the Sarah Raven packet – my mixed blue and white packets may have done well, but on the whole they are not very inspiring so perhaps I will do my own mix next year. I will find somewhere for pink cornflowers too as yours is lovely! Seeing your vase during the week will trigger bittersweet thoughts about saying goodbye to your daughter the day you made it…. Thanks for sharing.


  4. That’s such a lovely selection of flowers from your allotment. I always find that the suggestions Sarah Raven makes are always very good. I always get inpatient and want to have the flowers on display immediately. I should be more displined as I’m sure they would last longer being conditioned. Sarah x


  5. I have become addicted to growing flowers for cutting. I always struggled to cut from the parts of the garden where I had put thought into what was growing. My cutting garden is far from a blinding success and I sometimes wonder if it is worth the effort which goes into it but then I cut a jug of sweet peas or happily cut tulips is April and I remember why I do it. I do agree with you that Sarah raven seed choices are very good. Love your mix.


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