In a vase on Monday: Seed to flower in under 90 days


My cutting patch at the allotment is coming on a treat.  Apart from the cupani  sweet peas which I sowed in pots at home in February, March and again in April (yes, it took three attempts and three packets of seed this year, welcome to my world of mice and slugs!) almost everything else you see was direct sown at the allotment at the end of March. And this is just the beginning of the flowering, there is more to come provided it doesn’t get frazzled in the 33 degree heat forecast for later this week.

In jug and mug we have cupani sweet peas and blue cornflowers and in the jug we also have pink corn cockle (agrostemma githago), ammi majus and a crimson dianthus. These last three are from a Sarah Raven seed mix for cutting and the row has barely got going so I’m looking forward to lots more flowers from my one packet of seed. Unfortunately I did not keep the empty seed packet so I’m having to research the flowers as they appear. Pink cornflowers and bright yellow calendulas are in the mix too and flowering now but I left these for the bees.

At home the lavender has just started flowering and I’ve been saving my rose petals for home-made concoctions. Elsewhere I have sprigs of Philadelphus ‘Belle  Etoile’ scenting the air. I’m using my Caithness glass vase bought in a junk shop in Emsworth last month for the first time and I’m also making use of an old stone bottle. I do like narrow-necked vessels that do the arranging for you.

And just for fun, and because I love them, I’ve added two egg cups from Morocco, a present from my son last week.

Thanks to Cathy from Rambling in the garden whose brain wave this Monday vase meme is. Do pop over to Cathy’s blog and see what else is appearing In a vase on Monday.

12 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Seed to flower in under 90 days

  1. I love those dark sweet peas. I’m impressed by your success – and perseverance – in growing your flowers from seed. Raccoons keep the slugs and snails in check here; however, they run roughshod over seedlings so planting from seed also poses a challenge for me.

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  2. I sowed my sweet peas late and as a result am not certain we’ll get flowers from them this year. The everlastings are just beginning to come out though and the flutters always love them :o)


  3. Oh how lovely – the blue cornflowers look lovely with the sweet peas, but the pink corn cockle is really pretty. I too have grown some mixed annuals (Sea of Blue and Sea of White) in an area which a ceanothus was removed from and were the only things I direct sowed. They too grew and bean flowering in 3 months but so far they are all blooms I don’t recognise – I shall have to ask other bloggers one of these days! Thanks for sharing, both blooms and props.


  4. It is so good to hear about your flowering successes – like you I am a little concerned about the effect of the predicted high temperatures on all these delicate blooms though. I love the way you have used a series of containers to display your flowers – what a lovely collection you have.


  5. These are really pretty arrangements. I’m not very familiar with any of the flowers in them, but these colors work so well together. I love the way it all looks displayed together.


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