In a vase on Monday: Julia and Sarah


Isn’t it lovely when flowers combine beautifully without any help from us. On Saturday I was pruning back the wisteria which was doing its best to strangle Clematis Madame Julia Correvon and in my haste I accidentally damaged a stem of the plant I was trying to save. Never mind, straight into water and it can be used for flower arranging. Meanwhile Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ has put on such a show this year I felt no pang cutting about nine blooms, especially as rain (alleluia) was forecast and we all know rain and peonies do not mix.

I refreshed the vases this morning adding some spent Nigella seed heads and my little blue mug of ‘cupani’ sweet peas for the overhead shoot and voila I have a vase (or vases) on Monday with very little effort on my part. I’ve been keeping the peonies quarantined in the kitchen due to ants living in the petals. No such worry with the roses so here’s a quick peek at a couple of very simple vases in the sitting room.


A spray of Rosa ‘A Shropshire Lad’ (drooping  a little with the weight of this morning’s rain) with one stem of Rhamnus and one seed head of Nigella. And in the silver bud vase one spray of Rosa New Dawn with a wayward apricot rose.

I’m joining in with Cathy from Rambling in the garden and Cathy’s addictive (in a very good way) meme, In a vase on Monday. Why not pop over to Cathy’s blog and see what other bloggers around the world are picking and arranging from their gardens.

14 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Julia and Sarah

  1. Just beautiful…I am featuring peonies too this week….and roses are just starting…love all the vases especially those roses…thanks again for linking in to my Seasonal Celebrations meme. I will have the wrap up post with your link included on Wednesday.


  2. The pink peonies and the cranberry Clematis make a lovely combination (not that anything can detract from the beauty of peonies). Rain and a license to cut flowers – what a great way to start the week!


  3. There’s nothing like cutting flowers you’ve grown and enjoying them indoors – very pleasing indeed! And these are all lovely.


  4. Accidents and rain can make for most fortunate consequences. ‘New Dawn’ landed up in my vase too this week. ‘A Shopshire Lad’ is a most fine looking fellow. I could well be tempted by his charms 🙂


  5. My peonies are long gone so it is a treat to see yours friend! Loving that vase you created up there and your roses are beautiful!!! Wishing you a wonderful week! Nicole xo


  6. Catching up time! Your peonies are gorgeous – how lovely to have so many blooms! I have SB (in my header) too but it hasn’t flowered well for a while and I have now moved it but it has ONE bud opening – hurrah! Thank you for showing us your different roses too – and how we can make up for accidental decapitations!


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