In a vase on Monday: Summertime


This is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I love all seasons and most weathers but it is the simple living that I adore in summertime. And now the exams are over and the allotment is in full swing, just the butternut and blue kuri squashes to go in today from a 17 May sowing, I can relax and enjoy the season.

And what better way to enjoy summer than to have a jug or two of home-grown flowers on the kitchen table. I am so thankful to Cathy at Rambling in the garden for making In a vase on Monday such a fun and welcoming meme to join in and it is so pleasurable and indeed educational to see what other bloggers around the world are growing and picking for their vases.

I picked Nigella and rose (Fragrant Cloud) yesterday evening when I went to the allotment for salad and strawberries for dinner. I resisted picking asparagus as I think it is time to allow it to shoot to feed the roots for next year. The fern and Alchemilla mollis are from last week’s vase which looked pretty good all week and I picked one new stem of the most beautiful violet-blue geranium. I have this in clumps all around the garden and it is one of the my favourite June flowers.

No arranging, it’s summertime and the living is easy.

Next week I will make more effort. In my head I’m planning a rose and peony and clematis bouquet, but it may just be a jug of cornflowers.

In the meantime I am hopping over to Cathy’s to see what she has put together today.

16 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Summertime

  1. Yes, life is indeed a bowl of cherries…! But what is the significance of the snatch of newspaper headline….? 😉 Or is that so we can now establish you as a Guardian rather than a Daily Mirror reader…? Tee hee! Your nigella are absolutely gorgeous – it is easy to forget just how effective a single type of flower can be, particularly when we have lots to choose from. And I see you have roses on the allotment – I wonder why they are more advanced than in your garden? Oh, and exams…?


  2. Oh you know Cathy, I just like to give you the full picture. No cropping or editing here! My husband shot off to Rotterdam first thing this morning so I enjoyed breakfast on my own accompanied by a pristine newspaper. Maybe subliminally I was using the headline to establish my Europhile credentials? The allotment is much sunnier than my shady east-facing garden but I have lots of rose buds on my three garden roses so it won’t be long. The real surprise is that Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ is also still in bud. Good job this meme is ongoing!


  3. Oh more nigella today…I love this romantic flower and wish mine had germinated….oh well next year. I agree with Susie. A fabulous vignette with all that summer provides….sounds wonderful. I do a Seasonal meme and this post is perfect if you would like to link in…let me know as I would love to include this post in my Follow Up post later this month. You can see the post on my blog under Seasonal Celebrations.


  4. My next door neighbour at the allotment grows love-in-a-mist on his plot. I did hope that there might be some gentle self-seeding over the fence but no such luck yet. You are picking strawberries already! Another couple of weeks wait here I think.


  5. I like everything about your photo, especially the Nigella and that lovely green bowl the peaches and apricots are in. Here’s to a summery week.


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