In a vase on Monday: Permission to play


I’m joining in with Cathy from Rambling in the garden and her Monday meme to create a vase from flowers and foliage growing in our gardens. I had more time this morning so I’ve enjoyed playing on my kitchen table. I began with a vase of flowers picked from the garden, mostly straggling bits that were flopping around after the recent wet and windy weather here in the UK. I then collected various  vases that have been adorning my home lately and took a photo.  There is a pile of books for Chloris and I’ve included  for Cathy my first special vase purchase for this meme, a Caithness heavy-bottomed vase with swirly bits that I saw in a junk shop in Emsworth on Saturday. I did not feel guilty spending £8 on such a pretty vase that I thought would be perfect for sweet peas and a reminder of this meme in years to come because my husband was in the British cheese shop spending over £20 on cheese! The broken Chipping Campden pottery egg cup that spontaneously jumped out of the cupboard during the Easter  holidays is awaiting gluing back together and was in the little left-handed jug for safe-keeping.

Playtime over, here is my finished vase. I had a lightbulb moment when I took the photo with the light behind me. There is nothing special in my vase, just several different hardy geraniums, a piece of soft shield fern, a spray of alchemilla mollis and a leaf stem from epimedium. The nigella are almost a week old and how could I ignore the geum. I’m following Sarah Raven’s advice and G. Mrs Bradshaw is the gatecrasher to my bridal party. No scent from today’s vase but the aroma from the bowl of white-fleshed nectarines, flat peaches and apricots (all bought from my local greengrocer and therefore ready for eating) is making me wish I was on a Greek island instead of going down to the allotment to weed. A quick note to add that the tablecloth is at least as old as me. Anybody else remember when laying the table always included spreading a linen cloth?


Please hop over to Cathy’s blog: for more delicious Monday vases.


13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Permission to play

  1. I will have to hop on over!!! Your vases are just outstanding! I love the foliage you used and how your table acts as the perfect backdrop for your vignette!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring collection here friend! Nicole xo


  2. A very pretty arrangement and isn’t it nice to have an excuse to play on a Monday! I have just added a few Mrs Bradshaw’s to a largely purple bed and she is certainly adding some omph to the colour scheme. My mother always used a table cloth when we had visitors and I have quite a growing collection myself these days.


  3. I love seeing your eclectic collection of bits, Sarah, so thanks for sharing it and not just showing the finished vase. I have several of this type of swirly pattern Caithness Glass but don’t think I have that shape – I might have passed on buying it for £8 though… 😉 . It is good to see ubiquitous geraniums being used because they are such stalwarts but are so easily overlooked for a vase – and your nigellas are flowering! Are they self seeded ones? Mine, sown in March, are nowhere near flowering yet. Please have more fun next week!


  4. Yes, the nigella self-seed in an area of the allotment that I grandly term my ‘permaculture’ bed. In other words I don’t dig or hoe here and the results are … interesting. I’ve also got Iris, Hemerocallis ‘Hyperion’ and self-seeded cornflowers all growing around a plum tree, a red gooseberry bush, a new apple tree, summer fruiting raspberries and ever-bearing strawberries. It looks really pretty at the moment and so much more interesting than boring rows of stuff. My March sown Orlaya looks pathetic, I can’t believe it will ever fill a vase.


  5. I would have bought the vase too… and I am a big fan of fern fronds in arrangements…. and of tablecloths too! My day-to-day one is not linen though… too much ironing. I have spotty cotton coated with something that means you can wipe it (but not plasticky – it still looks and feels like heavy cotton. Clever eh?!)


  6. Your bouquet is lovely. I really like the vase and tablecloth too. I always keep some kind of tablecloth on my dining room table, though we rarely eat there. We eat in the kitchen and there I have oilcloth placemats that I made a few years ago. They’re easy to wipe when they get gross. I would love to use a real tablecloth in the kitchen, but you know what that would be like. 🙂


  7. Your vase is most pleasing to the eye and contains some familiar friends. The thought of going to the allotment to weed is never an exciting prospect but it’s usually not so bad once you are there 🙂


  8. Your vase is gorgeous – my sort of plants, all with a bit of the ‘wildling’ in them. The fern is an elegant touch. I used to always take out my grandmother’s tablecloth (also older than me!) for dinner parties until I met some people who persistently spilt red wine on it. Fortunately I managed to get it out, but I’m more careful these days.


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