Yarn Along


I’m joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along  where you share your current woolly project and reading matter.

I am nowhere near as consummate a knitter as my late mother who could read, knit and follow a TV programme at the same time. She used to knit the pattern samples for Paton’s and earnt enough pin money to buy her first car in 1967 which opened the door to her returning to work as an operating theatre sister. I learnt to knit when I was four years old, taught by my equally talented grandmother as my mother was busy with a new baby. I only ever knitted doll’s clothes though and once I had outgrown dolls I did not pick up a knitting needle until I thought I should teach my daughter to knit and we went to a local wool shop and chose some gorgeous chunky wool from Rowan and a pair of 10mm birch wood needles. Katie quickly learnt to knit and enjoyed making the scarf which ten years later is still worn.

Then in the autumn of 2014 I discovered Blogland and was astounded by the talent and artistry of bloggers. I taught myself to crochet (I have a ton of crochet blankets made by my mother ranging from the finest lace weight shawls for wrapping a baby to colourful throws for picnics and den-building) and my first project was a pair of fingerless mittens for my daughter and then a hat in a beautiful Fyberspates merino wool for me. During the Christmas holidays I knitted a colour work hat in the round for my daughter.  The pattern was a free download and I enjoyed knitting it so much I made another for myself using Blue Leicester grey wool and brown alpaca wool. Towards  the end of January and with an empty house once more I downloaded a pattern from Posie Gets Cosy for the afghan cot blanket you partly see in the photo above. I had been collecting DK merino wool in various colours from my travels to Exmoor in November and the Cotswolds in January and after a few false starts with the pattern soon got into a soothing routine of making the puffy circles. I finished the crochet afghan in April and celebrated by starting a new woolly project which you see here.

The pattern by Lisa Richardson for Rowan is for a puff stitch snood or cowl and I’m using the recommended yarn which is called Lima and is a lovely soft combination of baby alpaca and merino wool. The pattern is very easy to follow and I’m enjoying counting in fives. I’m now on the final pattern repeat and I’m already thinking ahead to my next project …

My choice of book is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I am about two-thirds through and I am loving it. I was introduced to Franzen when BBC Radio 4 in the UK dramatised The Corrections earlier this year which I listened to while crocheting. Freedom is beautifully written, it is a great American novel that will make you happy and sad in equal measure. It tells the story of a family and how they use and abuse their freedom, how they search for love and friendship, how they treat each other and how they betray those closest to them. It is an epic novel and has me gripped.

I have so enjoyed writing this (very long) post. Thank you Ginny. What a great idea to ask us to combine two such pleasurable pastimes in one post.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. It’s nice to see you in the Yarn Along too. I love the blanket on your couch, it’s beautiful and the colors are perfect. I haven’t tried that book yet but I enjoy Franzen’s work and loved The Corrections when it came out years ago. I remember waiting eagerly for a copy from the library with hundreds of holds placed on it.


  2. I am a slow, basic (knit/purl) knitter and crocheting (sp?) always seemed too complicated. I love the idea of it, though, and the results. I must give it a go some time. All you multi-talented bloggers are quite inspirational. Thanks. Sam x


  3. How amazing that you were knitting at 4!!! That is outstanding as are the memories and talents of your mother and grandmother! And how beautiful that you have this to share with your daughter! Happy making my friend and a lovely weekend to you! Nicole


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