In a vase on Monday: O rose of May!

I’m joining in again with Cathy from Rambling in the garden and her wonderful meme, In a vase on Monday, where we pick  flowers and foliage from our gardens and try and arrange them in a vase. This vase has not been easy and I blame it partly on the iris. Having cut a stem I felt obliged to use it, but one straight unyielding iris looks wrong amongst my usual froth, a fact that is even more apparent in the photograph than in real life. The light is also very poor for photographs this evening so I’m sorry for the bad quality (good light when taking photographs covers a multitude of sins I’ve discovered).

But I’ve decided to post the vase, happy or not, because for me as a late arrival to the blogging party everything I do is one huge learning curve – and next week’s will be better.

What have I picked today? Listing the contents is very useful because it helps to know what doesn’t last in a vase. For example, neither Hydrangea petiolaris nor Syringa microphylla lasted more than a day or two, whereas heuchera lasts for a week at least.

We have: Iris unknown, but the pale lavender blue flowers when open have the most delicious smell of Parma violets; Weigela unknown; Nigella, picked at the allotment yesterday where it grows like a weed; blue geranium unknown as it has self-seeded in the gravel (it is actually growing under the hydrangea petiolaris so goodness knows how it has managed to flower ahead of other named herbaceous geraniums); Valerian, another weed I’m afraid and finally dependable heuchera which needs cutting every week as it grows horizontally in my garden.

And last but not least in the silver bud vase I have one stem of  Rosa Fragrant Cloud which I planted at the allotment many years ago for cutting. She is reliable, very sweetly scented and has been known to bloom more or less continuously from May to December. What more could I ask from any flower?

Do hop over to Cathy’s blog, Rambling in the garden, for more Monday vases.


6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: O rose of May!

  1. The end result does look effective though, but I know what you mean about the iris. Perhaps a different vase would have shown off a single iris as the elegant creature she/he is? This is another of the things we are discovering on Monday – hence all my bargain vases which still haven’t been used! Some stems, particularly shrubby, respond to being conditioned in boiling water for 20 secs or 3 so it’s worth experimenting with that too – again something we are learning on the way! It’s been fun finding out though, so please don’t be put off by any self-doubts and enjoy the process – we all think other people’s vases are better than our own anyway 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing ps nice pile of books!


  2. Thanks Cathy. The Iris has opened now and the vase looks more balanced (and smells good too). I think I should have picked three stems but I had no idea how long garden Iris lasts in a vase and didn’t want to waste my garden blooms. It is all so experimental for me. I used the books to raise the rose from the clutter of the table, which you would not have wanted to see! Thanks for the tips on conditioning, I will try that with my next woody stems. And choice of vase, yes I’ve just removed the Iris and put her in a slim green glass vase and instantly she looks so much more comfortable. Thank you so much for your positive encouragement.


  3. Hello. Have just discovered your blog – we use the same WordPress theme, so it looks v familiar! And we write about similar subjects. Nice to have found you and I look forward to following. Sam


  4. Your arrangement is lovely. I love the frothy effect. My parents used to grow Fragrant Cloud many moons ago. It smells delicious. Also I love looking at other peoples’ books. I like your selection.


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