Sheltering in the shed while the storm rages overhead,

Thunder and lightning

Not too frightening

Just exciting

For me to hear the rain coursing off the grey felt roof,

See the rain pelting through the open door,

Feel the dampness creeping through the floor.

Now the hail is bouncing off the ground,

Fast, furious, fearless, falling in rods on my plot.

Now it is quietening, slowing, and I listen to the sound of the rain drip, dripping

On the soaked grey felt roof.


3 thoughts on “Sheltering

  1. Thank you. I think I would have been a bit fed up stuck in the shed for half an hour but I had my phone and a flask of tea and thought I’d describe what was happening and somehow it turned into a poem, of sorts.

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  2. I love storms. They can get quite scary where I live, but I still look forward to them. We had lots of hail here on Saturday, it looked like we’d had a snowfall!


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