In a vase on Monday: A Sunday evening vase

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I really wanted to join in again today as I missed last week as we were on holiday in Cornwall, but after watching the (very rainy) weather forecast yesterday evening I decided to go out into the garden there and then to pick whatever was flowering. Once again no arranging or staging but I’m pleased with the result photographed at 10 to eight on a Sunday evening in mid May.

In the green pottery jug (this shape really helps novices) I have white aquilegia (which grows well in the dry shade under my weeping pear tree),   geranium sylvatica alba, geranium maccrorhizum in pink and white, geranium Kashmir white (this last bought from Margery Fish’s garden at East Lambrook Manor about 20 years ago), potentilla, syringa microphylla, and lastly foliage from pachysandra and red acer. The scent from two small sprays of lilac is divine.

Thank you Cathy for starting up this meme. As you can see from my effort anyone can join in, no special skills required either in growing or arranging or photographing, and we all get to enjoy our vases at home for a few days at least.

Hop over to Cathy’s blog, rambling in the garden, for lots more lovely Monday vases.


10 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: A Sunday evening vase

  1. How lovely to see the eclectic collection of blooms in your vase and bits and bobs on your mantelpiece! I am so looking forward to the white columbines I have grown from seed flowering and I was pleased to see the various geraniums in your vase too as they are such stalwarts that they can easily be overlooked. What were the sprays of pinkish flowers? Arranging and staging is always optional, as we all have found there is as much pleasure in a simple pick and plonk in a jam jar as there is in anything more formal. Thanks so much for joining in, and is there a name we can call you other than ‘Homeslip’?

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    1. Thanks Cathy, who knew picking and plonking could be so much fun. The pink spray flowers are Heuchera, variety unknown but I do remember buying one plant at Blickling Hall in October 1998 (I know, I know!) and I now have it all over the garden, mostly flopping over edges of borders, as it needs constant rejuvenation. The leaves are pretty too and colour in the autumn so altogether a good ‘doer’. Can’t wait for next week. Oh and my name is Sarah. I’m not a plants person or photographer but I do love my garden.


      1. Welcome Sarah! And of course it’s heuchera – didn’t recognise it at the time! Definitely a good do-er and we should use it in our vases more than we do (both flowers and foliage). I am glad you feel the meme is welcoming – we are all friendly and supportive regardless of knowledge or skill and like you have discovered how much fun picking and plonking can be 🙂


  2. So free and delicate! White aquilegias, oh I would so love some of those. I have pinks and purples and whites would look so good amongst them – must look out for some seed. And thank you for sharing the scent – i can just about smell the delicious fragrances!


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