Sissinghurst – falling in love again

Can there be a better time to visit Sissinghurst Castle than late afternoon in early May? The sun was casting long shadows across the tightly mown verdant lawns, the song of the blackbirds and the bleating of the lambs filled the air and most of the visitors had gone home – it was heavenly. When you’re on the roof of the tower looking down on the immaculate gardens and beyond to the glorious Kentish countryside it is very easy to feel as if garden making does not get any better than this.


2 thoughts on “Sissinghurst – falling in love again

  1. The gardens are, as Adam Nicolson says, exquisite. We’ve been visiting frequently lately as our daughter is at the university of Kent and it’s a good place to stop en route for a cup of tea. We only made it into the garden at 4.45pm on Saturday, but it was so worth it. The walks around the lakes and woods and pasture are lovely too.


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