End of month view: April 2015


I’ve been gardening here since 1991. It was an unpromising site to begin with, and slowly but surely a garden has grown.

I am no photographer so the photos you see here are as they came out of my camera this morning. I would love to be a better photographer and hope that this blog will help me improve.

Joining in with Helen, The Patient Gardener, whose blog I’ve read for many years.


7 thoughts on “End of month view: April 2015

  1. Thanks Amy. Your garden could not be more different to mine so how wonderful to discover your blog and see how your garden in the desert grows🌵


  2. You say you are no photographer but you have done a good job capturing your garden. It looks lovely; I particularly like that view from under the willow with the fern. That looks like a very healthy Epimedium you have there. What variety is it?


    1. Thanks Julieanne. Photographing plants is much harder than you think. I think my epimedium is the same as yours: E. Sulphreum. It is one of the many plants in the garden that originally came from my mother’s garden. I cut all the leaves off in early spring and then look forward to the flowers appearing. Definitely one of my favourites.


      1. Thanks Sarah. I forgot about the cutting the leaves off in early spring. Will try to remember to do that next year, as the older leaves do look tatty compared to the wonderful new ones.


  3. I think your photos are good too. I have found that blogging has made me look at the garden and plants differently, you just seem to see more and that in turns leads to better photographs. I’m glad you like my blog, it’s always flattering when someone pops up says they have read it for ages. Welcome to the meme as well and I hope you enjoy blogging


    1. Thanks Helen, although at the moment I feel like I’m wading through treacle with the blog. Like photography or knitting or anything requiring a smidge of technical competence it is harder than it looks. I only got the hang of commenting a few weeks ago so everything is very new but yes your blog which I hopped to via Victoria’s Backyard has been great to read over the years and I’ve learnt so much from you. Looking forward already to the next EOMV, and hopefully I’ll have worked out the link!


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